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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


$100,000,000 Careers In Art Company Rowley House Dream For All Rowley House Album 7

Hello Dear Friends and Dear Precious Family. I want to start this form of energetic connection with deep and heartfelt prayer. We are praying for you, your family, and friends, for space, ability and connection to your family, friends, and with yourself.

One of the biggest things that Director Number 2 J-P Rowley knows is that nothing will ever really take off until we have a supportive wife that loves Ella, our family, and YOU! The greatest thing he can do is to ask for you to pray and meditate for a wife to come into their lives that aligns with love, relaxation, space, freedom, meditation, and loving-kindness.

Thank you so much for meditating, praying, following, and supporting our website.

Director number 1 is growing so much.

I am listening to this album now as I am writing and am smiling so much. The music fills me with so much joy.

For those of you asking about the musical about creation process. We always meditate and breathe before each song. This is powerful tool for us as father and daughter to honor and get in sync with meditation power and send healing and love to you and those who are listening.

These songs and all our Rowley House Albums are improptu style. J-P or Ella Rowley play guitar, sing healing sounds and have an incredibly joyous time. Thank you so much for following along. For those of you who purchase. We are so excited to create space for you to be with us during these precious creation music spaces.

Director and singer Ella's voice is getting stronger. She is gaining clarity. Singing and creating with a clearer voice and beautiful experienced mind every album and you can tell!

The second song is Ella's first being a song writer. Where she came up with lyrics that I never seen her do before on paper. Listening to this I am amazed and blown away actually. She's never shown an interest in creating song in this way and I've never pressured her to.

I definitely know that your purchases will bring a burst of warmth, heart-vision, and clarity to Ella Rowley's skillset. I know that part of her growth is because of creating for you! And everyone connected to The Rowley House Dream For All family is so grateful.

1. Wishing The World Happiness And Kindness with Ella Rowley

2. Ella's first impromptu written herself song 1980s rendition

3. Choosing Joy for You and Me J-P and Ella Rowley

I know that eventually we will get into synthetic sounds, programs, algorithms, etc... But right now. We are really so grateful for your purchases and support. Learning how to create a powerful voice, the nuances of kindly and heart felt voice and sound, and the wonderful guitar instrument.

I can't believe that her Oh Summer Days Summer Concert is coming up this Saturday! Please think about purchasing our new music album or tickets to her event. We want to thank Keane Rowley and his family and Julia and her family for purchasing tickets. We will create a paid tickets only video with a whole bunch of exclusive content for the day as well as where our feet will travel and future archetypes of music art and artists Ella will connect with playing and singing!

If you would like a ticket and don't have the money to buy. We have some dear kind friends who will give their tickets to you or your family for the time.

J-P has a lot to talk about on the next Kindness blog. Stay tuned dear friends.

We love you all.

Remember you can do it.

No matter what.

Especially if it is from a meditative and calm state of love and kindness.

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