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$100,000,000 Careers In Art Company Rowley House, supporting others, supporting families, and kindness

Hello, Dear Friends. Hello Dear Readers. I would like to breathe, invite you to breathe, and start this form of energetic give and receive with heartfelt and sincere prayer.

I hope this moment finds you well and full of great joy. I hope your family is well and you all are feeling connected, restful, and joy.

Ella has recorder her second song for her first summer series concert. One more to go. She is doing such a great job. Please fill her with prayers, support, power, and Good Energy.

This morning before school, we put in lots of applications for different company employment (for Dad) and to hopefully pay the rent due for February, spent time in meditation, did some yoga postures, then I had a powerful experience where I got the opportunity to work together with Ella and clean out drain pipes in our bathroom. I realize this was the first time I was able to take bathroom sink piping out, clean the insides, have conversation with Ella about the process and put them back together very efficiently, neatly, and easily. Now they are working very well. And we didn't need any help.

This alludes to where we are right now. I notice I work so much easier and with kindness and compassion with my daughter there. I believe in her. She believes in me. And we share kindness with each other. Even though it was "stinky". Yes, it was. She was along with her father to see in-depth about the process and literally get her hands and learn haha.

I feel like this alludes to where we are with this website and our own apartment income. We need a lot of help. And maybe it is stinky to ask for financial assistance, and ask you to please pray for us and look for places that would help us pay the $1100 rent that aligns with our lifestyle, meditation, 12-step-recovery, family, and helping others, but like my precious, intelligent, productive, and kind daughter. I believe that you are just as powerful as well.

I hope to help families stay together through meditation, yoga nutrition, healthy eating, music, and heart-opening, and relaxing experiences.

There are new items on the shop page for sale to help this cause, and I am continuing to put in partnership employment applications, every day. If you would like anything for discount as well please let me know. Or if your friends or family would like physical training, nutrition, or mindfulness, or meditation services.

I love you all.

Remember you can do it.

No matter what.

Love. And Be Kind powerful friends.

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