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$100,000,000 Careers In Art Manifesation, music, math, being open to all ways, and love

Hello, Dear Readers. Hello Dear Friends.

I want to start this form of energy transmission and exchange with prayer. I pray that you have a great day today. I pray that the world shows you and your family ease, grace, smiles, and love.

Please pray the same for me, ella, olivia, our Careers in Art Company, and all of our friends, and family members who are connected to us and our efforts.

I know many people are very interested in what's going on.

Math is a key to numbers.

1 %

written one percent

of $100,000,000

written one hundred million dollars

is $1,000,000

or one million dollars

Personally, I have given back much more than one percent of my income over the years, each year since I have been in recovery 8 years now.

That being said. Why wouldn't i give back one percent of my income going forward? Absolutely I would.

There is a spirituality here involving numbers and finance that brings so much warmth and joy to my heart. I also know it does this with others who have helped support the efforts of Ella and I over the years. And I want to say thank you so much again.

Thinking about ( in the future ) someone's life changing because of just one percent of me or our company's business is so beautiful, and it is an inner and outer vision that we are working toward.

Last night Ella and I did her 3rd grade math homework. We talked about

Perimeter = width+width+length+length

Area = width X length

what brings clarity is that the wording can be changed. We are reading spanish books and very much like spanish translatations actually can be very different when you read a book, so that you-the reader- can understand it.

Math is the same.

This being said if we were to showcase how math works tailored towards our Career

Careers In Art

Then a very useful math project would be for Ella to create and showcase the math of perimeter for a canvas and area of a canvas.

Which we will do tonight and take a video of for youtube, in efforts that people with financial resources that like either business or math or both may see it and want to contribute to our Careers In Art Company and work with helping children and families with meditation, relaxation, joy, fun career math, or creative creation Arts.

I know I will need to take another college level math class to be a father that can help Ella and our Company, but I also want to thank you all so much for supporting me and Ella's work with words, creating heartleft stories from written books, and writing, and meditation

Our next event is at The Black Leaf Vegan Cafe, where I will be showcasing the Art I have been creating that goes along with the written books very well.

I think that this may be a bigger deal than i'm allowing myself to let it be. As a single father, sometimes I just have to go, do it, and not think too much about the outcome


God Bless meditation right?

I hope to see you all there.

It is $30

you can purchase a ticket at the event page, by a ticket for a friend, family member, or donate through venmo.

Please consider.

Thank you so mcuh for reading.

Remember you can do it.

no matter what.

You are loved.

And you ARE love.

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