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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


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Hello Dear readers and dear sacred friends. I want to take a moment of prayer. Hello and good morning. May many blessings greet you with open arms today.

Here is the cover of the newest Audio Book Going into the secrets of The Number 3, diving deep into the secrets of the special words about the number from the introduction of 83 days of being lucky.

We are all lucky. You are lucky. The author and my mother, Ella's grandmother, Candi Perry, bought Ella's first ever solo music album. As Ella becomes more adept, intelligent, limitlessly creative, and professional in her craft she will affect the world and create incredible love and change for others.

Authors, musicians, and talented professionals do not become so without the financial support of the people around them. Supporters purchasing an artists' productions is what gives them another level of drive and understanding of how valuable their craft is.

Candi Perry also supports this website with a paid membership. She has done so in good supportive spirit. For those of you who purchase an online membership you will receive one monthly free secret song. This is very cool because Ella and I record and listen to lots of empowering music that we have created that we will never share. But we will share one song a month for those of you who bless us with the community of a monthly paid membership.

Thank you so much for reading this free blog and looking at lots of free videos and offerings on the internet over the years. Please think about becoming a paid member or asking one of your family members or friends to purchase a paid membership to support our efforts of good energy and professional offerings to the world.

I want to also take a moment to thank all of our kind spiritual friends. There are so many of you who have touched us with your spirit, prayed for us, and have shared your light and light-heartedness with us. Please take time today to pray for or send good energy to the spirit of your friends.

We are praying for you to be happy joyous and free as well.

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