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Bestselling Author

J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


$100,000,000 helping others seeing the light in themselves

I want to start this form of energetic connection with prayer. We are praying for you, your family, the connection of love you all give and recieve to your cities, countries, communites, in love and joy.

Here is a 10 minute meditation you can purchase, support, or share

Also Here is a project supporting artists and artist collaborations. Adizzle is an extremely hardworking and talented man who is supportive of Ella and I and our work as authors. This will be my first work with the Published book Abundance and using my skills, talent, and professionalism as an Author to support Adizzle, his work and his family. This is a canvas that he is working on. You, your friends, or a family member can buy this artwork and book combination to support or share. His Instagram is below.

Right now. We need a vehicle to travel to and from companies, businesses, organizations, and families homes'. My mother who is also one of the two biggest supporters of this website sent this list of items that are broken within a durango. If you are interested in either donating financially, sharing with someone who can donate, or helping to donate a vehicle, or share with someone or an organization who helps with people who deliver meditation, or good energy efforts please do.

It is important to talk about math and the big dreams of The Rowley House Dream for all.

Let's give an example of music.

We have Good Energy music for sale at

Healing sounds and vibrations have known benefits to work. We use voice and guitar to emulate these frequencies.

Ella is working on her voice, promoting her voice, learning about healing sound qualities. She will be and performing heer first concert 3-summer song this series publicly. Her being able to learn and understand numbers is a really healing healthy of part her energy and songs healing world-wide. And as i voice this for her, this is absolutely true for me.

I did this math equation in my head, rounding and adding up the numbers before touching a calculator. I got the answer.

2740 in my head

When I added the numbers up in Google Calculator the actual number calculated came out as


I would like to say some powerful things. I don't come from a mathematics background. But I spend a lot of time in meditation, being with the birds, plants, animals, and nature. I also spend a lot of time meditating with Ella for years when no one else has been physically present.

Many meditation families talk about the years spent in meditation, silent, seated, and still together, which builds heart-strengthening (energetic, psychic, and spiritual) and also other gifts of mind-power and quickness mind abilities) I can definetly see this with Ella and I want to share this.

I am learning about business math by utlizing this website as a powerful tool. Though I am not in traditional school right now. Selling Good Energy music not only helps me as a musician, it helps Ella. I took a long time to do the above math where google took 0.23 seconds. But Doing her 3rd Grade math homework with her right beside her shows me that being by her side and doing the work with her is a very powerful thing for her growth and it makes life much easier for her and she will understand mathematics, business math, and how to help and support other families in a really powerful way in her life

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on products for the website. Or want to share that we are looking for a vehicle and a home with a garden, or for multi-company or singular employment for our $1100 rent in a mode of heart and thought to help others please do.

I would invite you to pray for a wife to come also that wishes to support all of the above, Ella, me, and her family (for herself) and for the vision we have together. I know having this will help everything grow and all of you so much easier.

Remember you can do it!

No matter what!

Believe in yourself!

Also below is a promo video of Skye and I two yoga teachers and M.S.G.S -Mindfulness Space Giving Systems.

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