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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


$100,000,000 Rowley House Partnerships, Careers In Art Professional Company, Black Leaf Vegan Cafe

Hello Dear Readers. Hello Dear Friends.

I want to start this form of energy giving and receiving off with prayer. I am so grateful for you.

Please continue to pray for us, our family, and our Careers In Art Professional Company and Team to grow, evolve, and help with sustainable lifetime careers for so many talented people and their families in this world.

We had our first ever showing of our new paintings, which you can find on the shop page.

Even though no one paid for our event, or bought anything from, us personally or for our Careers In Art Professional Company. We did see some people come to look because they heard of our event and they did buy black leaf Vegan Cafe food and drink. We want you to please continue to go to BLVC and we can't wait to see you here at this event next year.

We did notice people look at Ella's Director Shirt that she created

and we unvieled our newest ART Pants.

We know that this is a good direction to go for our business and partners and am grateful to BLVC to be the first business in our city to help us showcase not only our books we have written, canvases we have created, but also showcase our home made Rowley House Art Clothing for the Careers In Art Professional Company.

go to the shop page to purchase and request a shirt for you, your child, or your family or friend to support Careers In Art, J-P, and Ella.

I am also looking for help to pay the rent for this upcoming month. Please send your cincere and honest prayers to us, for a business, partnership, and company with the means to help us pay our $1100 rent. We know your prayers are working for us, our company, our family, and our future partnerships and dreams. Thank you so much!

Remember you can do it! No matter what!

You are powerful beyond measure.

Help others. Love. Give and Receive love.

Miracles will continue to occur for you.

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