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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


$100,000,000, The Rowley House Dream For All, Ella Rowley's first summer Concert

Hello Dear Friends. Hello Dear Readers. We want to start this form of energetic connection with deepfelt prayer and gratitude.

We hope this moment finds you well and that you are supported by all things, all beings, and in all places, and that you feel safe, supported, comforted, and connected.

Let's all congratulate Director #1 Ella Rowley on her AMAZING performace of her first ever live in-person


Concert performance

She really did such a fantastic job. Thank you to those of you who bought tickets. Ella Rowley has now had a paid ticket concert perfomance on her resume. The joy I saw her carry with her because she loves to perform, play guitar, do what she loves, and be with her family was of course and as always beyond words.

The Careers In Art Company is on hold for now.

All sales will be under J-P Rowley until we get another person working daily with the team or we have enough daily sales to open the finance department up again. That being said

$96 was made from ticket sales. We always want to explain business math and we at know that empowering all people with math and finance explanation, using financial understanding in new and creative ways while being open and taking action to helping other families as well and not just our own is the key to success.

$96 broken down for 10 hours of work is $9.6 an hour. Divided between two people J-P Production and spiritual liason and Ella Rowley featured musician is $4.8 dollars.

The reality is we spent far more than 10 hours in soooooooo many ways preparing for this event.

We also spent money and time thinking about, procuring, and artistically painting Oh summer days shirts. shorts, and Ella Rowley's special dress (which you can see in her music video) -and which we will have finances on the next blog.

But here is the really great thing. We have always shared the fact that we love what we do. When you love w as your job, life is so much easier. And now we have a video of Ella Rowley's first concert to show the world.

We hope to use the timeless incredibly powerful mediums of growing musicians and performer power to bring finances in a Good Energy and Good Synergy way to partner with Good-Energy and Abundant Spaces across the United States that help families stay together- this is huge- create jobs and finances that specifically help families do what they love, and gift stress-reliving techniques, while advocating and taking action in small self-care enhancing ways for their familes and cities and our own.

We love that this was outdoors with so many people struggling from mental health, and a lack of supportive environments and leadership that create daily routines for family members to get outdoors, listen, to healing music, lay down and relax. We are so so grateful to be a part of this timeless Good Energy work.

Thank you again for everyone who bought a ticket and came we have much more Oh summer Days production to give those who purchase a ticket to support Ella and this website.

Please check out the shop page at

purchase a production

or send an email

We would love to partner with you.

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