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Good News In our City and World $100,000,000 Rowley House Support Efforts start and end in love

I want to start this off with prayer. Ella and I are praying for you and your family, your neighborhood, and your community. I am sending you good energy and love.

Thank you for visiting this Good Energy blog here is some good news!!!

Ella and I have created our first ever Rowley House cup! Created and Designed by Ella and J-p! We have 4 available we created and would really love for you to have one for your home. It is filled with good energy and positive vibes. You can purchase it at

I have been in the field of health and wellness for 15 years and love drinking hot water with different fruits, lemons, vegetables and teas. It is so so so cool for us to drink from this cup and be sent good energy and be reminded of the good energy we bring to others.

Thank you from me and Ella for purchasing one for your home. We will also have them at the Chakra Healing Event at CitYoga School of Yoga and Health if there are any left.

Here is a picture below of our Yoga Class at IUPUI this past week. As a student and teacher. I love the relaxation, peace, stretch, and strengthening of my body yoga brings and it was pure joy practicing with fellow students. Come join us. You can also hire me to practice with you one-on-one

Great job to Janet personal training this week!!! You did amazing Janet!

Here is some really good news!

Delaney Williams and Alexa in Mass Media and Contemporary Society class are putting on a soccer fundraiser! If you or anyone you know of wants to donate o support please see the amazing flyer they created below!

People who are in recovery have a hard time being given career stablilty jobs and opportunities.

I want to be a part of the good energy of giving back financially.

If you want to support you can purchase the joy of the 12 steps p.d.f at part of the proceeds will go to support people financially at the CitYoga y12sr group. and here is an opportunity to know that if you or anyone you know of may be suffering from addiciton, or the addiction of loved ones, the space is open for you.

There is hope is always hope! and there is always GOOD ENERGY!

There are some very friendly ducks and geese in Broad Ripple. Friendly and smiling people i reached out to in the neighborhood said they would love to read this blog. I want to thank professor Trevor Potts and his amazing class for this specialized kind of encouragement through media empowerment and good energy.

My project will be on Heartland Mindfulness and November 18th at 11:00am I will shooting a video for our social activism project. If you or anyone you know of wants to come. Ella will be there this day! and We may have the president of the organization lisa Daugherty in attendance.

Ella is amazing!!! If you have been following her actress career. She keeps evolving and growing and it is mind-blowingly awesome to watch her grow and grow alongside her in our careers of putting Good Energy out into the world. Check out the video below.

Also, alongside acting. Ella just finished her 4th song on her upcoming first solo album where she is playing the guitar and coming up with impromptu good energy lyrics all by herself. You know im listening to her songs everyday (before their released to anyone else) haha. Dad wins. One more song to go and we will release her 5 song first solo album for you to listen to and help ella grow.

On that note. Thank all of you, our friends, family, and supporters for helping me grow to. Though I know my voice will ever be as strong and clear as Ella's (I know this and I support Ella in her amazing young power). I know i will travel the world and play good energy songs for communities and families across the globe. Thank you for purchasing and supporting this website to keep my career and helping ellas career to grow.

Last but not least Holliday Park Yoga this tuesday at 6pm. This nature park indoors venue opens my heart every year and every class.

There is so much Good Energy in the world.

What we look at grows.

I am looking at the health of your eyes and your heart. We are sending you good energy today. I love you all.

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