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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


Help me manifest 24 personal training water Yoga ongoing heartfilled clients with The Rowley House

First I want to start this with prayer.

May you, your family, and your loved ones be happy healthy and have happy, healthy, able, and joy-filled bodies. I go into the gym at the different ymcas around the city, niffs, iupui campus recreation center right now in my life and many people stop their workouts and talk to me saying they are in awe of my flexibility.

Every time I tell them I do new movement patterns in line with my breath and flexibility to open up my body. I am getting older. my body feels good when I take time to stretch and breathe.

I would love to do this with you, meditate, breathe, and do strength, flexibility, and workout patterns in line with health food guidance and water intake encouragement, along with praying for you and sending you Good Energy on your way.

give me a call, text, email, share this with a friend or loved one who this could benefit from working with me. I am grateful. I love you all. Sending you Good Energy today.

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