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Love, $100,000,000 Rowley House Dream For All -New Libra Moon 2023 Intentions for families and you

Updated: Oct 15

I want to start the energy of us connecting in prayer

May you be happy


and free

This new moon is truly magical and special. Set intentions in goodness and kindness. The Rowley House $100,000,000 includes this kindness.

I just finished part one a a new moon secret manifestation song that only I will hear. Ok. Ella will hear it too. If you are interested in personally songs of empowerment for the health of your dreams and the love of yourself and your family let me know. I would be more than happy to dedicate my time to this cause that is involved with The Rowley House Dream For All.

Music is such a powerful and life-changing thing

Sound is a powerful and life-changing thing

May the sounds out of my voice, writing, touch, and walk empower you and your friends and family for the better.

Sending Good Energy Today to you, your family, and loved ones. Thank you so much for being so kind and loving to me, Ella, and all who have worked in loveing-kindness for The Rowley House Dream and the dream of peace, togetherness, freedom, and joy for all beings.

I love you all.

Remember that you can do it.

No matter what. Everything is possible with kindness

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