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New Focus On Love Meditation Supporting Recovery Empowerment families $100,000,000 Careers In Art Company

Hello Dear Readers. Hello Dear Friends. I want to start this form of energetic connection with prayer.

Ella and I are praying for you. We are praying for your family connection. For you to be empowered, relaxed, taken care of, and full of loving-kindness and hope.

At 6 am I spoke to a police officer. This was a very hard conversation. Thank you to all the police officers, who are family members, who choose to serve and help. We are grateful for you.

I know that even at the highest levels of the people who take care of us all. There can seem like there is no hope. Please have hope.

I have hope.

I am grateful.

I see things. I feel things. My heart is open to empowerment love and joy. It is also open to helping those who suffer. Specifically to be empowered and help others to be empowered and experience a joyful and relaxing life.

People ask. "What can i do?"

I ask this question as well.

if you go to you will see a new "meditation on love"

I priced it at $30. It is a 10 minute powerful meditation. My thought process is that I have seen people give $30 cash to people suffering. I have also seen them then go by drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Not all the time. But many times. Sometimes people really do use this money for food and to help their families.

Here is my prayer and offering. That you buy this meditation. Share this meditation with someone who is struggling or suffering from mental health. And it will touch them and help them and lead them to self-love and actions towards helping our families and communities around the world.

Please pray and send good energy that Ella and I will have a company, indivual, or many companies or both hire her father in a career that pays our $1100 rent.

As you pray and send us Good Energy I know this will happen and manifest. As it always has. We are grateful for you dear readers. We are grateful for you dear friends.

Remember you can do it.

No matter what.

We love you.

We are grateful for you.

You can do it.

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