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Open Finances A model showcase for Abundance Youth Growing and helping community creating space

1299. Rent Polaris

55.80 Aes Indiana

112.00 Citizens Energy Group

Paid by J-P Rowley

In-Person meditation classes $50 for the month for Rowley House

(Thank you very much)

As a House last month we were hit by fees that were out of our control. Through meditation, we always send love to all beings, all families, and all people. This month we are back down to the original price so we are $100 less than last month.

Very mindfully we brought the Aes bill from $176.45 to $55.80

and very mindfully we brought the citizen's gas bill from $137.40 to $112.00

This is a $120.65 difference in Aes

and a$25.40 in citizens gas

and a $100 in rent

this is a $246.05 difference from last month

This can be a lot of money for a new house or young financially understanding home or single parent family. It may be a lot of money for people even with more means. It may be fun and financially appealing with people who have lots of financial resources to see.

We received $50 for meditation classes for the month which is not nearly enough to cover the expenses of keeping this house open, but it is a huge spiritual uplitance.

People have been coming if only one a week or so since we have been Open as The Rowley House School of Abundance.

We have been going through the 9-Lmb Path of Bhakti Yoga at the World Peace Meditation Class Sunday morning at 10am. Last week (as always) just opened my heart to world peace love. We learned and did practices around Smarana (Remembering *the power within)

Every month we are going to change up the schedule. This month there are going to be Meditation classes every night. Please come if you are in the city.

Ella is almost done with her first published book. Be on the lookout with love.

I am halfway through the reformatting and editing from written notebook to Computer program 83 Days of Spirituality and Finance Art

I am doing a lot of things and filling a lot of roles but this is forcing me to grow. I am also writing a book about training blind -which talks about the benefits of choosing to put on a blindfold and gaining miraculous powers of self-observation and self-understanding as well as secret manifestation powers.

This Open Financial Blog is like this. I hope one day to gather and sit silently with a thousands of people from all over the world creating peace harmony and love for them and their families. There is definitely an energy of meditation empowerment I am learning. Getting over fear of openly talking about money is one of these things. Billionaires know this and understand this financial power tool of voice and commitment to others. I know that this is just one of many roles I can play and dance in (being serious for the community of course). That will lead to good energy for future Generations.

Thank you for reading this open financial blog. I hope to see you in class at The Rowley House School of Abundance soon.

You can also donate and buy books, music, and more to support The Rowley House on the shop page.

I love you all. I am sending you peace love harmony happiness community and love from my heart and third eye center.

Here is a video of our Youtube channel

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