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Open Financial Showcase for The Rowley House Good Energy Abundance Helping others with freedom

Wow! This is another wonderful free offering at to help people with the good energy of freedom in financial conversation and openness.

This is especially for young people who wanted and interested in learning how to promote and look at the financial energy of their home, business, or space, and help others.

The more you help others with the freedom that comes with openly talking about financial energy the more you receive back as well in return. Here at The Rowley House School of Abundance, we want to give these financial and spiritual Good Energy Returns back to the individual lives and families in our community and in our world at large.

We paid Rent for The Rowley house was $1299.00 for this month with taxes and convenience fees.

$76.00 for Ipl (which there was a customer charge, a metered electric charge, and a state tax)

$242.00 for Citizens gas (which there was gas charges -sales tax on top of gas charges / water charges - sales tax on top of water charges and sewer charges) There was also a late payment fee.

This brings the total for having The Rowley House open to the public to


We brought in $231 through meditation, yoga, books, good energy offerings at The Rowley House

which brings us to a negative of -$1386 for the month.

That is a lot of minus money for the month. Absolutely. From a business and house perspective, there is no getting around this truth.

But this is why showcasing and talking about financial energy is so Great. And the Good Thing is we have brought in the most money we ever have this past month . Which is trending in a great direction to keep this space open for others. I am very grateful that there are so many people´s lives at these organizations who help us with light, heat water, and sewage at The Rowley House. I am grateful that they have employment and are able to bring home income for their own lives and families. Knowing this I have to meet the mechanisms for the space to be available.

That being said. We will put a sales tax on products and books being purchased in the future to help the space be available for all. Hopefully this will help continue to keep the space available!

Thank you so much for everyone who has came into The Rowley House in person and who has shown that a space of meditation, Yoga, Art, and offering a Community Professional Connection Growth for others is valuable and wanted. Thank you for your financial energy offerings, for your love, for your power, and for helping yourself and our world.

I believe in The Rowley House. I have seen so many people show up and be offered services that are not always offered for donation, free, and low-cost. I have also seen people with the means pay as well.

Believe in yourself my dear friends. Meditate. Go inward. Do what brings you joy. Offer this amazing and incredible thing (that is inside of you) to the world.

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