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Bestselling Author

J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


Open Financial Showcase Model For Path Carvers New Books Abundance Training Blind Vision 2023 World

Rent Polaris Management Company 1299.00

Citizens Gas 174.88

Aes Indiana 0.00 (paid in Good Energy advance last month!)

Wow! I am so excited about everyone who has been coming In-Person to The Rowley House School of Abundance for Meditation and Good Energy Abundance and Transformation Purposes! I am really REALLY GRATEFUL and it makes my heart warm! It also makes my heart warm that The Rowley House offers donation based Extremely Powerful Offerings.

Thank you so much for coming for meditation, transformation, abundance training, yoga, visualization, and openness, mind-body-spirit training. It really works. You all are showing that all of these different amazing offering work. And I am so grateful you are bringing your incredibly powerful and incredibly valuable energy into The Rowley House.

We received $125 for the month of December with In-Person Support. This is the most we have made so far. And it is showing that it works. And it is showing me that *this thing* that holds so much great and amazing power health and wellness and connection works.

I am excited that The Rowley House has 11 physical books out! Thatś amazing! And it is the intention, energy, and connection the books hold that is so important.

Ellas finalized first published book is done and we will be ordering copies very soon! If you would like a copy of Ella Rowley´s first book and The First Rowley House Wellness Media and Marketing Childrens Work please let me know! I am also excited about the Finalization stages of my own newest J-P Rowley Book Abundance where Finance and Spirituality Meet.

Please tell your friends and family about The Rowey House, books, music, youtube, videos, productions, one on one manifestation, abundance, love, strength, devotion, relaxation work and more!

Remember that you can do it no matter what! Sending you all good energy dear friends! Looking forward to seeing you at the workshops and events here at in person to work together and infinity!

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