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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


Supporting Events effort for you Community Open Financial Transparency In-Person Growth March 2023

Hello Dear Dear Dear friends. Hello Dear Readers. Hello Dear Supporters

Rent $1299.50

Aes Electricity $48

$163 Gas and Water

= $1510.50

$75 in person gift for The Rowley House World Peace Meditation Class

-$1435.50 (Deficit)

Here are some mathematical ways we can support the Rowley House.

If we sold a book a $70 book a day. In a 30 day month. $70 times 30 is $2100. That is the rent and all the bills.

If we had one in-person yoga/strength/flexibility/evolution client/supporter a day for $100 in a 30 day month this is $3000. This is the rent and all the bills.

To me, more important than money is the meditation journey and the gift of meditation we all get at The Rowley House School of The Arts for 7 months now. And I hope to do this with the communities of the world my entire life. Teaching and Learning about the Yamas and Niyamas. Last Sunday we went over Arjavam, steadfastness, uprightness, straightforwardness. This is always a reminder to me to be straightforward and truthful about The voyage into the future for others about the gift of meditation and focusing on the continual growth of love both inwards and outwards being a mainstay. And how the gift of meditation and love changing my life and the lives of those I am connected to at any point.

Making meditation community affordable is important. Meditation both personal and community fellowship is the heart of The Rowley House.

Here is a really awesome and inspiring mathematical equation. If we gathered together with 10,000 human beings in an open beautiful space. Everyone. No matter who they are could pay $1 each and get the experience of a lifetime. They could get this experience of gathering with others in meditation while gifting only $1 of their valuable financial resources. This is a personal dream of mine. And seeing all the people gathered sitting quietly, still, breathing, absorbing nature, and each others quiet energy would create a vortex of good energy that would last a lifetime and go through generations in love and kindness.

Along with The World peace class. We can create a class at any time for you. We have events up in nature, and promoting massage, art, healing, connection, strength, breathing, fun, and love. I will be adding some more today.

Humans create language. Math is a language that has been created by culture. And like any language or landscape we can learn, grow, and be able to speak it fluently enough to communicate and love another person or people we may not understand. Absolutely I believe math is a language that can feed love, connection, fun, joy, and abundance.

The above math shows we can make the rent in-person at The Rowley House. Please tell your friends, and family to shop at

we have music, meditations, shirts, books, all created by J-P Rowley, his daughter, his mother, and his friends, and family to support Good Energy in our world.

Please let me know if you would like any discounts to support your financial and spiritual synergy within and without. It is important to be supported.

This is a Great Book that can be useful, informative, enlightening, fun, relaxing, and joy fulfilling. It is written from a heart and experience of meditation and a father-like comforting voice that supports you in your life and where you are at in a non-judgemental or threatening tone.

This is an exponential Graph below from a field of mathematics. The green line represents exponential growth. There are many people who understand this. And I know that this is The Rowley House and It may seem slow. But at some point (even though it seems slow to others) people start coming on board, gathering, and coming together in love for themselves, for each other, and the world to the point where this is an incredible explosion that changes everyone's lives for the better forever.

Looking at this graph. This is why this open-financial in-person inventory is so important. We have had the space open for those who wish to sit. The space is also open for other kind and loving creators. And they will see the exponential growth within their craft, careers, family, art, and unknown domains and realms as well.

Thank you for reading this free blog! I love writing!

If you have enjoyed reading this free blog over the years and wish to support please know you can purchase a book, join the marketing and awareness-spreading team, purchase a session, and please share with your family and friends.

Thank you so much for reading. I love you all. Have a wonderful and joyous spring day today. See you soon!

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