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The Rowley House Fear Abundance Transparency Open Financial Inventory

Hello Dear Friends and deer Seekers. I hope this moment finds you well. The dreams are coming true slowly and with purposeful processing. Meditation is such a gift. It is the beginning of all health and wellness for me. On a personal level, a life without meditation and finding the synergy, calm, open lung breath, is a life of death (haha- Maybe I'm exaggerating, maybe I'm not).

I have both researched, taught in groups and individually, across the midwest, written books about, and personally practiced meditation. Meditation always shows me that fear is something to sit with and then step through.

We have a physical space for The Rowley House my friends and I am so excited that it really is an open and inclusive place for people to come and get all sorts of unlimited and limitless creative things to do with meditation at the heart of the home. This is really a tremendous gift for the world as well as me.

I am going to do 2 things. One is an open financial Inventory (which I feel is really cool) which will show people how much money is coming into The Rowley House and how much is going out. On one level this is really helpful for accountability. This shows the world and individuals that this (guy/family/community) and House are very open. And with that comes a spiritual openness and joyfulness for those who are coming! Another level is to help others and especially youth with financial abundance and Organizational Financial Mangagement. This is going to be a free way for young people, or any person, to learn and grow. Please feel free to contact me and ask any questions you would like. Also, please reach out to people and network to see who could fit together with the physical Rowley House and help us to grow. I know that I can't do it alone and am very open and welcoming to help for the House. Also, where we are located now is not where we are going to be forever. The Rowely House is a BIG DREAM and it needs millions of people across the world to help it become realized (and to attend!)

As of right now. I have paid three thousand eight hundred and ninety-seven dollars ($3897.00)for Rent for the first month's deposit, September and October. As a House we have had an incoming ($135.00) for September. We are in a huge deficit financially. But this will grow. And it will be so cool when we are making the rent and more and people can look back and see in detail how this actually happened. This will give more clarity, inspiration, steadiness, ease, and joy to those who are coming, helping, and starting their own process. Thank you for reading this free blog. If you want to donate to the house or know anyone that does please click the button on the home page. Also please come take a class or training session and PLEASE tell your family and friends to come!

Remember that you can do it! No matter what! I love you. And I believe in you!

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