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The Rowley House Journey - Changing the world and giving families opportunities through sound

In the world of Nada Yoga there are practices around sound. It is wonderful and beautiful.

As I listen to Ella's unreleased songs (which I am so honored I get to listen to first haha! Happy Papa!)

I realize the opportunity we both have as daughter and dad to do something at the highest levels.

Every night either she or me practices and the other one gets to listen and learn.For both of us I notice how powerful this is. We are both listening. As we listen we tell each other incredible and empowering messages. We send these message to each other to empower our individual playing, and we send this out to the world.

- This family sound of nada will travel to places where we can sit, play, laugh, smile, relax, and connect with families all across the world for years far off into the future.

Thank you Ella and kind powerful supportive community for supporting us and those we hope to help through sound.

In my own journey, I played a 41 minute unreleased secret empowerment song and then a couple days later i played a 46 minute song.

As i listen to this song back I notice Ella listening, absorbing her dad learning, playing, focusing, and talking out the keys and breath patterns.

We all know there are two most powerful times in the day.

  1. We absorb what we wake up in

  2. We absorb what we go to sleep to

I have a personal affirmation as you all know that i will play healing, calm, relaxing, and joyful meditation music all across the world and help families and communities be at peace and joy.

As I understand all of this. Ella will undoubtedly beat me to this. In her own way -that i will encourage her to do-

But I do notice a powerful thing for me. I am getting more talented (what does this mean) each note is clearer. Overall many notes contain the crystal clarity for longer pause and durations which makes for a higher quality feel to the audiences ears and heart.

I think I share this to say the same thing happens to me for personal training clients meditation clients and nutrition clients. As I work towards helping others. I become a little more masterful in synergy with their hard work and effort.

I love you all my dear friends.

Reach out. Lets show the world how truly powerful you are and the many dimensions you can open up and travel together.

Remember you can do it no matter what. Sending you love and joy From everyone connected to The Rowley House

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