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Keane Rowley family Rowley House Ventures Maze

Keane Rowley family Rowley House Ventures Maze

This is a creative and fun heart-warming connection venture for The Rowley House's futures and Keane and his family.


Keane Rowley is an amazing supportive father and husband. He is also an amazing and wise brother.


This is a thought-process and actualization process created by J-P Rowley. 

All families need support. and supporting each other financially is a great joyous thing.


Ella and J-P Rowley will create a paper maze like the picture above. This is more of a fun and Good Energy venture to support two creative families under the Rowley House name. This helps children Ella to create, be open, and learn creative processes while helping J-P and Ella use their gifts to support Keane Rowley and juniper, tijani, Tiaress as well.


Thank you for your support of The Rowley House.


Half of the proceeds will go to Keane Rowley and his beautiful family.

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