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Weekly Class Schedule

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The Rowley House School of Abundance

651 E 56th St 46220

All are welcome. Please Call or Text J-P at 317-515-2511 to notify him that you are coming to class. You can donate ahead of time or at time of class here.

You can also contact him for an individual session.


This is not a stressful thing. Please do not stress. It is the opposite of the peace, joy, and strength that The Rowley House Bring. Your proceeds go support The Rowley House. Thank you for coming and practicing with us! Thank you for supporting our home and YOUR own health and Wellness practice :)

Suggested Donations are $20-$30 if you attend Irregularly. $10-$25 if you come on a regular weekly basis.

Meditation Classes are Free (Donations are very welcome and appreciated to support The House)


8am-8:30am free meditation


Community Art and Business Evolution Class




8am-8:30am Donation Meditation


6 pm Blindfold Strength, flexibility, and Movement


10am-10:45am Donation Family, Community, City and World Peace Meditation

Donation Meditation


J-P Rowley has been Teaching Exercise for over a decade and a half. His style is now meditative with roots in Yoga for 7 years. This class goes through a variety of techniques, with wisdom and intellectual thoughts for practice from ancient and current meditation leaders as well as J-P’s own experience. This can be an introductory class for those who want to get started and are brand new to meditation and also for seasoned seekers who wish to have a nice, restful, and healing part of their day. This is a Donation class built so that if you are struggling financially you can enjoy the million-dollar benefits of the practice, and if you have the financial means to support the House you can give what you feel appropriate as well.


Donation Mindful Movement


This is a new Movement Class J-P Rowley is excited to offer. In J-P’s Personal Practice he has found what works very well for him. This class is designed as a fun exploration of meditation through movement in the body. This class has roots in J-P Rowley’s Blindfold training with Yoga, weightlifting, and moving through the forest. This class is open and accessible to all kinds of bodies, types, and ages. This is a Donation class built so that if you are struggling financially you can enjoy the million-dollar benefits of the practice, and if you have the financial means to support the House you can give what you feel appropriate as well.


Donation Yoga Class


This is a wonderful class that has its roots in Yoga and has similarities to the Yin Yoga path. Being an Athlete and Competitor for well over a decade and a half as well as training thousands of other people over this time period. J-P Rowley has seen slow and steady movement along with breathing techniques and relaxation to bring newer health and vitality and sustainable longevity to the human system. This class is designed with this experience in the mind. Students and Teachers who have more flexibility, or who enjoy deep stretches and relaxation may enjoy this class. But it is also open to all who want to receive the benefits of deep stretching with breathing techniques. 

Donation Procovery class 

This is a class for individuals, communities, and organizations that are interested in the 12-steps. This class was created with roots of J-P being a leader in the y12sr program *Yoga 12 Step Recovery*. It is a discussion, movement, and meditation healing-based class featuring work and discussion of the steps. 

Donation  Helping Depression Through The Winter Class

This Class is designed to be a Supportive and Wonderful System that strengthens the Health and Wellness of the Overall Human Being and Connects them with other powerful people. J-P Rowley has led one-on-one sessions along with leading group sessions focused on healing Depression in Hospitals, Recovery Centers, Yoga Centers, and Community Centers. This is a class steeped in his experience of what has worked to help many people throughout his time in the field. This Class is structured with talk therapy, group discussion, as well as movement, light meditation, and lying down. Every class we talk about our depression and think of ways we can heal.

Donation Personal Training Group Class

J-P hears countless people he encounters talk about the value of Personal Training via one-on-one methodology. He understands the incredible truth of this. This class serves as an introduction into the blessed and sacred personal training modalities and methodologies 

that help people heal their bodies, change their bodies, and transform with a one-on-one personal trainer. You will go through a range of movements, reasoning, and discussion on nutrition with others.

J-P Rowley Personal Book Evolution Study

 J-P Rowley finds evolution- mind, body, and spirit through both reading and writing as well as meditation and putting all of what he absorbs into his life. This class is designed to be an Open Space for both people who have purchased his prior books and new people who are interested to go through a personalized class through his books to access community, friendship, sharing, and the evolutionary path of their own life.

$110 hr
$100 Personal Training sessions 45 minutes
$90 30 minutes
25% Discounts For Teachers, Trainers, And Professionals who help others

Contact J-P Rowley

The Rowley House is located at 651 E 56th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220

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