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Life Talk With J-P 

A Supportive Hug
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Life Talk With J-P     Donation   $5-$100 depending on Your Financial Situation in Life and What you want and have to give - Donations Go to Support The Rowley House

J-P Rowley was introduced to the Life-Changing benefits of Talk and Movement Therapy 8 years ago. It changed his life. At The Rowley House, we believe in Mental Health as well as physical health. As someone who continues to be benefitted tremendously by having someone to listen to through his training in therapeutic mind-body-spirit modalities. He wants this form of Community Togetherness to be available to all beings. This is a support system for the community through the Rowley House where you get to talk to someone who will not judge and who will listen to everything and anything you have to say. This is completely confidential and nothing will be shared nor revealed, only listened to knowing that it will help you and the world heal.

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