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New Books and in person Sessions. On Sale now!

Ella's 3rd Published Book is out now!


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"J-P made 2 birth astrology drawings for me and my father that captured our spirits and lit up our special birthdays (55 and 80:). J-P was easy to contact, very responsive and the art was mailed and at my doorstep in no time. For a meaningful gift with incredible positive energy, this is a lovely choice."

A wonderful purchaser at

J-P and Ella´s combined 30th Published book out soon! We are so excited! Thank you so much for your support and your Belief!

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This is a journey to bring a Multi-Million Dollar House in the Arts of meditation for all who come. He has been practicing meditation for 7 years at home with his daughter Ella and for 9 years in many different communities, schools, organizations, and diverse settings. He currently is Teaching at the Beginning Stages at The Rowley House model version in Indianapolis, Indiana.  He sees the power of the inclusive practice of meditation at work everywhere he goes and is excited to open this space with your help. You can click the link to donate and support the good energy being brought to the world. 

You can also hire J-P to work with your school, business, organization, or personally where proceeds will go towards Opening this space.

10 percent of all purchases bought through Book Sales on this website and in-person will go towards The Rowley House.

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Yogi, Traveler, Teacher, Mentor, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, Believer

J-P Rowley's innovative training style will expand your ideas about who you are, and challenge the barriers and blockades to your success and truly limitless power. Teaching training and leading workshops all over, he has helped hundreds of people with their journeys. With his new books "365 days of Yoga, Love, and Living with an Open Heart" and "Belief and the Art of Transformation"; He takes you deeper into what has helped him, and so many others transform.



Its all love and power

You are powerful beyond measure

Astrology Psychic/Spirit Sessions


Powerful beyond measure

Notebook and Pen


J-P Rowley's books are groundbreaking and astonishing. They will give you insight into the deeper levels of belief in yourself and your OWN life and give you vital insight and tools to help your own amazing transformational journey

Rowley House Worldwide Publishing Media, Modeling, Acting and Marketing.

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Creating movies, videos, productions and Art that are full of Goodness and heart.

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“Belief is at the heart of all great transformations"

"It's all about belief. How much you understand that and how far you are willing to go to bring out the limitless POWER of your belief, is up to you."J-P Rowley

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