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J-P Rowley is a well-renowned Author who has experience writing in a variety of formats. They are thrilled to have developed a supportive readership across the globe. Check out some of their featured writings, press mentions and author info below.


100,000,000 Careers In Art Professional Family Team Community

I am closing my eyes. Breathing deep. Sending you and your family connection and joy. I want to start this energetic form of connection with deep prayer.

We are praying for you and the connection of you and your family.

Here is a new supportive art and meditation on family and love to support Keane Rowley and the Rowley house family and teams. You can purchase and support below.

We have some new productions here at

please check out the shop page, make a purchase, and share with your family and friends.

For years Keane Rowley has been an incredible wise-man, who has given kindness, grace, wisdom , and power to J-P and he hopes to use this website to help support Keane's kindness family support and love over the years.

I want to thank you all for supporting this website. For praying and for supporting with the energy of your hearts and minds.

If you will please take a moment to pray and meditate for a supportive wife to come into J-P and Ella Rowley's life that wants to help them relax, love, and work towards supporting their families and the futures of the children of the world in kindness, relaxation, river travel, gardens, breathing, and love.

J-P knows that nothing will ever really take off without a wife coming into the home and supporting all of J-P and Ella's beautiful work and relaxation time they invite others to join in. We know that with your sincere, incredibly powerful, and life-transforming joyful prayers and meditations for J-P and Ella this will come to fruition in a way that support everyone at the highest heart supporting levels. And it is our belief that it is the heart that is more important than any words or talking can ever say.

As we leave to pay the $1100 rent. J-P knows the power of talking about finances and openess. He and Ella owe a kind man $1000 still from their move on her birthday last year. He doesn't stress the money. but right now it is important to talk about how they wish to pay him back. They still need to pay electricity and gas bills. Talking about debt and finances is not always the easiest thing. But we want to speak about the hope of this website and paying back with Good Energy.

Music is a timeless and ancient powerful practice that has brought wealth and freedom to struggling financial individuals and families for thousands of years. J-P noticed his last song a subtlety in voice recognition that showed his daily practice is paying off and it is working. His hope with each song is that he can meet the spiritual requirements of both being a financially stable father for Ella and giving out free Good Energy music to people struggling all over the world. And with everyone the power is in Ella Rowley. Her voice and power is world-changing. And he wants to share how it is an incredible joy to practice with her.

To lay down in the evening for 10 to 20 minutes and listen and allow the power of her aura, being, guitar, and song to heal him.

For 4 years now J-P Rowley has been practicing and playing music to Ella Rowley as she falls to sleep at night. Not every night. But many. It is such a wonderful experience to rest in the ultimate way with live music played by someone you love.

He would like to open this up to you. If you would like to support this healing music venture by paying for a personal healing song and meditation session or one for your family, business, or community please let him and Ella know.

After a wonderful and beautiful Easter Church gathering filled with so much comfort, wealth, and joy J-P spoke with a man who was homeless. The man shared how grateful he was for J-P to listen. and how this was all he wanted and that this was at the heart of his woes, the lack of people stopping what thier doing and truly listening.

He offered the man the y12sr meeting that he went to last night. Yoga 12 step-recovery. and the al-anon meeting he is attending tonight. (for people who struggle with the addition of others-family members friends)

As much as J-P has these fearful thoughts about the negatives of who he is, how he is an unsupportive father, how he "needs this" or "needs to be doing this or that"

he knows that their are people not just "afraid of being homeless" but who actullay experience this and have been experiencing it for years.

I guess this is one of the reasons we have FREE meditation in the park 1:00pm on Sundays after paid mindfulness based spaced giving systems class at Handy Yoga. and (donation-based) blind-fold music practice and inclusion discussion Sundays at 3:00pm -

For as much as J-P needs to present ways to help himself and his family financially. There also needs to be spaces where people can come and gather and recieve the energy of ancient and timeless practices, love, nature, and open-hearts.

Please continue to pray and meditate for a wife to come into Ella and J-P's wife, who wants this. Who wants to be with J-P and Ella both to experience happiness, calm, freedom, creative evolution, garden homeliness and joy. While doing so please pray and meditate for all those living in our neighborhoods, city, state, country and world to experience joy and connection to their families and have accessible deep restoration and peace mind body and spirit.

Remember that you can do it

no matter what

be loving

be kind

give and receive peace power and love

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