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Gratitude and Peace at Indy Art Center

Hello Dear Friends. I hope this moment finds you all very well. I want to start this form of energetic connection with prayer and meditation. I want to encrouage you to take a moment to breathe. I want to encourage your unique expression and creativity of who you are!

I have started a very small very part time positioning at The Indy Art Center. This aligns very well with Ella and J-P's creative gifts and offerings of their heart and the world.

I want to share gratitude and hope to connect to the beautiful kind peaceful and powerful audience here to the Indy Art Center powerful people.

I would like to share Mary Schrock's power kindness intelligence and mastery craftswomanship

please look, support her and her family, and purchase her art here above!

I also want to share gratitude and the amazing talents of Alana Hess, Breyanne, Becca Dole, and Brandon.

As you all know my greatest talents were created with Teen Youth through the Ymca progams. My heart is for working to bring creative ventures of connection through the art mediums of music, meditation, physical exercise, breathing, stretching, and different mediums to empower teens and also connect them to nature. With the river flowing right through the Indy Art Center what a precious gift this is for us all.

Please pray and meditate and creative in kindness and joy for all beings and purchase and support the amazing artists above!

Thank you for reading.

Remember that you can do it.

No matter what.

Be loving. Relax. Breathe. And focus on love and joy.

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